If you’ve donated to PETA lately, your dollars which you originally though to go towards the protection of animals is going to help protect the reputation of drug addicted, millionaire celebrities.

Peta has offered to pay $20,000 of the $50,000 rehab bill Lindsay Lohan recently racked up during her 3 month stay in the Betty Ford Center. In a desperate attempt to get another celebrity added to their poster and billboard collection of hypocritical spokesman who claim to be Vegan during their afternoon photo-shoots PETA seemed to ignore mathematics, social sympathy and basic business skills. Offering a celebrity worth $90 Million, $20,000 in one of the lowest and most embarrassing times of their life to change their entire lifestyle while simultaneously fighting drug addiction makes absolutely no sense in any aspect.

Obviously this must be just another publicity stunt. I wonder what happened for PETA to forgive Lohan for wearing the fur coat in Paris last year? Where one PETA supporter smashed a bag of flour over her head.