Despite all the joyous holiday celebrations taking place around the world it seems the propagandists and spin doctors of the animal rights movement took no time off. PETA once again did not fail to make some headlines again this year in their effort to raise last minute funds in the 2010 fiscal year. This year their target is holiday related, the Christmas card of a well-known and well respected Canadian politician.

The Christmas card in question features a picture of liberal politician Justin Trudeau and his family, bundled together under a fur blanket and wearing Canada goose down jackets with fur trim.

PETA argues that the picture is an ugly portrait of death and the suffering of animals, which is contradictory to the messages of “love” and “peace on earth” which are associated with the holidays. The majority of responses coming from the general public suggest that Trudeau is simply being a Canadian politician and promoting canadian history (which was founded by the Northern fur trades) and products, or that they believe it was just a Christmas card with fur used to help portray the winter them and that there isn’t any ulterior motive.

PETA Vice-President Dan Matthews appeared on the show ‘Power and Politics’ on CBC debating Alan Herscovici, of the Fur Institute of Canada. Matthews refered to the card very little and instead chose to use most of his airtime to denounce the use of fur in general. xxx called out Matthews several times for using outdated and false information, and pointed out the PETA is group aimed at stopping the use of animals in every aspect, including pets, dairy production, etc. Herscovici also stated that Canada is leading the way for humane and ethical trapping standards, and that the fur industry works closely with veternarians in developing their animal welfare standards and practices. Matthews refused to acknowledge the majoprity of Herscovici’s points, and in true animal rights spokesman fashion chose to focus mainly on speaking in several short, general soundbites.

The jackets themselves are a well-known product of an internationally regarded Canadian company, Canada Goose.