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About Animal Wrongs

Animal Wrongs is a website created to inform the general public of the evils of animal rights organizations. We are a group of everyday individuals who collectively wish to expose these groups for the radical, violent and multi-million dollar terrorist cells that they are. Often boasting their violent and distrubing campaigns these groups prove their lack of regard for human life, and threaten the livlihoods and lives of millions of innocent people with every action they take. By being a supporter of ‘animal rights’ they are opposed to human rights by being opposed to medical research, pets, livestock and agriculture, the right of individuals to hunt and fish off the land, to choose what we consume and the occupations of many hard working people.

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PETA Bribing Celebrities.. Again!

If you’ve donated to PETA lately, your dollars which you originally though to go towards the protection of animals is going to help protect the reputation of drug addicted, millionaire celebrities.

Christmas Card Controversy

Despite all the joyous holiday celebrations taking place around the world it seems the propagandists and spin doctors of the animal rights movement took no time off.


Unfortunately due to the violent nature of animal rights organizations, who take every opportunity to threaten and attack us both online and offline, we will not be revealing any contact information of our writers and administrators.

You can however contact us through our feedback line, just send an email to the address above.

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Just a breeding machine.

Just a breeding machine. Instead of being treated for her condition she was artificially inseminated. Her ability to reproduce was more important than whether she was healthy or not. How sad.

Perhaps it’s because they operate offshore

Perhaps it's because they operate offshore that there is so little dissent against this industry? It's also because they wrap themselves up in a protective layer of 'sustainability'. We should expect a fish-less ocean by the middle of the century, unless of course we...

Activist Groups

The definition of terrorism as defined by is
“act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act – the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear”

Here is a list of animal rights groups who have been found by Animal Wrongs to fit this definition: